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Pandora's Rose is a BDSM group in Columbia Missouri that was founded in 2008. We are dedicated to the education, development and growth of the BDSM lifestyle. Some of our members have been in the lifestyle for years and have attended courses on a varity of BDSM subjects. Others in the group are just beginning in the lifestyle and starting to understand what BDSM is.

There are many things that BDSM is not. BDSM is not violent, abusive, or controlling.

Pandora's Rose is a caring, loving, and respectful group. BDSM is only performed by consent of all parties involved. We will never push you to do anything that you are not confortable with. Everyone's names and information is kept in the strictest of confidence and will never be shared with anyone.

Many people do decide to explore BDSM in their own ways. Some enjoy just coming to events to learn about BDSM. That is fine. You do not have to parpicipate in anything. If you wish to come and learn more about this wonderful lifestyle, we will welcome you with open arms. Some like to watch a couple of times then try out the lifesyle for themselves. That is great also. You are more than welcome to come and do either one.

Pandora's Rose welcomes everyone regardless of gender, age (21 and older only), sexual preference, or any disabilities.

Our members have a wide range of skills, such as with wax play, floggers, whips, paddles, electrical, shabarii (rope), suspension, bondage, fire play, and many more. If there is anything that you wish to learn, please come and ask us. We would be glad to teach you what we know.

Please check out our forums and event calendar. Feel free to join, review prior posts, say hi, or ask any questions you might have about BDSM or our group.